Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Look at what i got!!! Mmmm... thanks armani* it smells fresh and beautiful. Wear it with confidence!
A new fragnance: crazy good!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

these boots were made for WATCHING

funny boots XD
Sooner or later you'll have to find your pair of BOOTS!!! 

So what are the trends?

The Best Shoes From Fall 2013 Fashion Week
The Best Shoes From Fall 2013 Fashion Week
The Best Shoes From Fall 2013 Fashion Week
  • of course all kinds of wedges
The Best Shoes From Fall 2013 Fashion Week
  • different materials: from plastic to feather, reptile skin, elastic bands...

Fashion High Boots Trends For Fall 2013
  • STOCKING BOOTS, OVER KNEE HIGH BOOTS go well with mini skirts*

The Best Shoes From Fall 2013 Fashion Week


Saturday, 31 August 2013

because we see the world in bold bright

Colors can speak.

I used to have that dark era when I could not skip the house if I was not wearing something black. Well now I'm just the opposite. Hahhha...glad it is over though.
The shades on the lips express our inner feelings.
Red color is the synonym for passion. It means "I'm sexy and I know it".
Pink lips express love, gentleness. Women with pink lips are often very romantic and feminine.
Purple is the sign of empowerment. It has something magical in it. It looks good on dark toned people.
Nude shades mean steadiness or boredome.
And finally my favourite orange-coral. It is made for youthful, energetic women. It communicate excitement.
If you don't have your favourite lipstick, it is about time to discover it.

Be bold.bright.and orange;)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


What do you think about Izzy's dress? A hit or a miss?

Sexy or too much skin for the MTV VMA red carpet?

models life.

 Red carpets, haute couture dresses, rose like lipstick... a dream or reality? You will hate me for hearing this but most models' stories are not fairytales. I've heard lots of stories which ended up full of sorrow - far from coco's rocha destiny.
Firstly being a model is anything but enjoying glory all the time. Its a hard job. Full of rejections and it can be a very ugly dirty buisness ... Model agents are using their models to earn a great amount of money while models get nothing in return. castings are interesting too. You can shine on the audition but the client will choose the model who offers much more than just an innocent fotoshooting. i'm telling this to every teenage girl who would like to become a supermodel. There are beautiful stories, too. Beatiful fotoshooting scenes and extraordinary designs. But please think twice! I know how hard is to succeed. The advice for all : for a successful carrier you really have to believe in yourself. (Written by "me - the model")

Friday, 23 August 2013

Look your best: who said the love is blind (by Mae West)


Red lipstick inspiration divas and celebritiesWell it's friday... Party time! :) Let's enjoy summertime - strike while the iron is still hot!

Here is a quick advice about what to wear:
- Heels - the higher the better
- choose leather (skirt, jacket, accessory, belt)
- a great catchy dress
- make-up, make-up ... Choose the right eyeliner and the floor is yours. And of course, a red lipstick!

here is how the celebs party. 
KATRINA BOWDEN, NINA AGDAL AND COCO ROCHA (!!! she cut her hair - what do you think about the change? sexy ...or the mistake?)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


What's the most iconic of summer beach wear?
I've noticed many retro bikinis. Let's have a look at some fun facts. 
30 square inches: The amount of fabric in one of the first bikinis. 
 First drawings of bikini have been found on wall paintings dating back to 1600 B.C.
Modern term of bikini first used Louis Réard and Heim who are the bikini masters of the time.
I guess, I do not miss that era very much
Well ... Before going to the beach - choose your swimsuit well. Find your perfect piece and feel confident wearing it! ;)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

50? shades of grey

Pre-Autumn/winter 2013 collections combine black and white - trend colors of SS2013 in different shades of grey. Cold and dark patterns ruled the catwalks.
You should not forget the oversized coats and super big bags which add some spirit and complete the look.
 In The Swag

Till then enjoy in polished/floral/colorful summer!


Have you heard of Katie's Price new fragrance? You should not miss that.

 I am speechless, because it is truly incredible. Kissable... hmmmm? :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

Splash de chic


couture week in paris has come and gone as a splash.

What were the most iconic looks?
Valentino: horse pattern lacelook
Check also Valentino's accessories :) most pieces resemble golden eggs
If you were invited to the chanel fashion show, what would you wear?
in case you need an inpiration look at this. According to upmosttrendy magazines she was the best dressed woman in 2013. 
Sorry her chanel fashion show look is anything but.
*she is a copy of K.Lag. - the gloves make the glory

Well if you missed the chanel show you missed new KL design
looks like she escaped from the western cowboy movie;)

Quick advice to all: entre nous et vous c'est le goût de chick.

Thursday, 27 June 2013


  • Let's begin with the summer upmost love-it trend! Dungarees!!! do you dare?

  • Pencil skirts from 90s! Some are really grannystyle. but there are some exceptions... what do you think about that one? 

  • Fruitprinted dresses . I think women can be juicy enough :) There are some good prints though. XD looks interesting

  • white color, you should not forget- you cannot miss with that 


That's my excuse for not keeping you updated:)
I'll make up for this I swear!!!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

In love

I wish you let yourself bloom! 
This blog is my fashion garden and an outlet for creativity.
hahhhaa, I think I have a crush!

I posted a link to the short artish video about spring trends. What do you think about it?
Its very special, indeed.
 THE art of spring fashion 2013

Thursday, 11 April 2013

FW (real post this time :)

FW in Ljubljana has come and gone in a flash. It was a 3 day event which was the center of all attraction. I took part and I almost break my neck for examining each of the model from head-to-toe.
Despite the fact that the first day was more of a carnival than the AW trend setter, I liked the majority.
Most of the designers of the 1st show were desperately trying to attract the audience. Models wore geisha makeup's, we've also seen some falls on the runway and costumes that really throw us off chairs.

But the following day were really special, stylish and professional. I spotted AW materials such as - fur, lace (long dresses with beautiful front and back lace patterns). Leather? ...missed that. I guess They skipped the autumn's upmost fashionable hue. There were also some interesting brown wool creations. The models who wore that brand looked like teddy bears, soft and pretty but clothes did not very seem practical.  There were some plastic designs which bugged in the eye. Transparent raincoats seemed interesting idea.
Speaking of coats. I loved short white fur coat by Eber. And one of my favorites designs is definitely blackandwhite coat of Nelizabeta.
 The thing I did not like was a lack of colors. There was black, a lot of it. But where was navy and oxflood? - the aw style hues.

Considering all the facts, the show was a success. We could see some new emerging trends, designers who showcased their work
Alice Bossman's work!
Niti Niti:
hahhaa of course teddybear stuff by NITI NITI

Maja Štamol: Black Gold
forever black
Draž: Za vsako izgubo nov začetek
Beautiful lline by Draž
Nelizabeta: Strumen pozdrav zimi
and... one of my favourite pieces of Nelizabeta.

Saturday, 6 April 2013


Today I did some cleaning around the house and I found some old boxes filled with my childhood clothes. Wooow … it was like a treasure. There was the most adorable blue dress with a cute tie. It is still nice. I hope one day I would see someone special wearing it. It is a great thing to have the box to look at and see your life.  

There is one thing I really miss from my childhood. I loved watching cartoons every Saturday morning and than playing all day long. 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6DSx9vSKOg (that's how my mornings look like – hahhaa)
I remember Snoopy things, pillows printed with teddy bears, barbies …
All  bitter and the sweetest memories never fade away.


Thursday, 4 April 2013

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60ies are coming backkk!!! Granny lend me something, please!

60ies ............

Because we are now in 21th century I've chosen this video for all that are not exactly familiar with the ex era:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im9XuJJXylw

60ies were the beginning of women started wearing mini skirts, leather boots and fake eyelashes. Everything was popartish. Flats, dark glasses and make-up. (and of course – maxi dresses for the hippie look).

As I have already mentioned boots became popular. In fact, the Beatles felt that the boots complemented their mod image.

Soooo,  for this season I recommend powerful accessories, multicolored glasses, cat-eyes, black and white dresses, orange bags, skirts, geometric patterns…

Enjoyyyy and let's twist it!!! 


Monday, 1 April 2013


From April 8th to the 10th, Ljubljana will be the center of attraction for all fashionistas with the arrival of the most important Slovenian designers, who will present their exclusive showcases and over 100 guests will attend the 3day event.

Everything seems to be ready for the show to begin.

As curious as I am I took a sneak pick at the guest list. Guess who will be the guest of honor???

One of the best models who never fails to take the runway by grace and storm, with marble-like face and exquisite beauty. We would be honored to welcome Coco ROCHA!

(more details in the following days)

It is really unbelievable and an incredible opportunity for our designers to get attention from fashion centers such as NY, London, Milan … 


Saturday, 30 March 2013

one of my favourite eastern eggs:

association on the runway:))

I admire the style. (lace is not getting out of fashion - a forever trend!)

Monday, 25 March 2013

My dear friends... i'll write to you soon. till next time enjoy in creating and sharing fashion ideas. Dream GLAMOROUS, design with passion and confidence. 

since the weather here is not exactly friendly i cannot skip the house only in my pyjama (in case you didn't know "From the editor to the interns, see the ELLE team in their pyjamas at work...")

:)) indeed. if i just give you the idea, you should definitely consider twice before ...

gosh... I love daydreaming.
I wouldn't mind running away with this glamorous, chick guy. hhahhhaa
what about you?