Tuesday, 27 August 2013

models life.

 Red carpets, haute couture dresses, rose like lipstick... a dream or reality? You will hate me for hearing this but most models' stories are not fairytales. I've heard lots of stories which ended up full of sorrow - far from coco's rocha destiny.
Firstly being a model is anything but enjoying glory all the time. Its a hard job. Full of rejections and it can be a very ugly dirty buisness ... Model agents are using their models to earn a great amount of money while models get nothing in return. castings are interesting too. You can shine on the audition but the client will choose the model who offers much more than just an innocent fotoshooting. i'm telling this to every teenage girl who would like to become a supermodel. There are beautiful stories, too. Beatiful fotoshooting scenes and extraordinary designs. But please think twice! I know how hard is to succeed. The advice for all : for a successful carrier you really have to believe in yourself. (Written by "me - the model")

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