Monday, 1 April 2013


From April 8th to the 10th, Ljubljana will be the center of attraction for all fashionistas with the arrival of the most important Slovenian designers, who will present their exclusive showcases and over 100 guests will attend the 3day event.

Everything seems to be ready for the show to begin.

As curious as I am I took a sneak pick at the guest list. Guess who will be the guest of honor???

One of the best models who never fails to take the runway by grace and storm, with marble-like face and exquisite beauty. We would be honored to welcome Coco ROCHA!

(more details in the following days)

It is really unbelievable and an incredible opportunity for our designers to get attention from fashion centers such as NY, London, Milan … 


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  1. oupss!!! * sorry for that one. I hope you had fun on April's fools! hhahhah