Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Look at what i got!!! Mmmm... thanks armani* it smells fresh and beautiful. Wear it with confidence!
A new fragnance: crazy good!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

these boots were made for WATCHING

funny boots XD
Sooner or later you'll have to find your pair of BOOTS!!! 

So what are the trends?

The Best Shoes From Fall 2013 Fashion Week
The Best Shoes From Fall 2013 Fashion Week
The Best Shoes From Fall 2013 Fashion Week
  • of course all kinds of wedges
The Best Shoes From Fall 2013 Fashion Week
  • different materials: from plastic to feather, reptile skin, elastic bands...

Fashion High Boots Trends For Fall 2013
  • STOCKING BOOTS, OVER KNEE HIGH BOOTS go well with mini skirts*

The Best Shoes From Fall 2013 Fashion Week


Saturday, 31 August 2013

because we see the world in bold bright

Colors can speak.

I used to have that dark era when I could not skip the house if I was not wearing something black. Well now I'm just the opposite. Hahhha...glad it is over though.
The shades on the lips express our inner feelings.
Red color is the synonym for passion. It means "I'm sexy and I know it".
Pink lips express love, gentleness. Women with pink lips are often very romantic and feminine.
Purple is the sign of empowerment. It has something magical in it. It looks good on dark toned people.
Nude shades mean steadiness or boredome.
And finally my favourite orange-coral. It is made for youthful, energetic women. It communicate excitement.
If you don't have your favourite lipstick, it is about time to discover it.

Be bold.bright.and orange;)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


What do you think about Izzy's dress? A hit or a miss?

Sexy or too much skin for the MTV VMA red carpet?

models life.

 Red carpets, haute couture dresses, rose like lipstick... a dream or reality? You will hate me for hearing this but most models' stories are not fairytales. I've heard lots of stories which ended up full of sorrow - far from coco's rocha destiny.
Firstly being a model is anything but enjoying glory all the time. Its a hard job. Full of rejections and it can be a very ugly dirty buisness ... Model agents are using their models to earn a great amount of money while models get nothing in return. castings are interesting too. You can shine on the audition but the client will choose the model who offers much more than just an innocent fotoshooting. i'm telling this to every teenage girl who would like to become a supermodel. There are beautiful stories, too. Beatiful fotoshooting scenes and extraordinary designs. But please think twice! I know how hard is to succeed. The advice for all : for a successful carrier you really have to believe in yourself. (Written by "me - the model")

Friday, 23 August 2013

Look your best: who said the love is blind (by Mae West)


Red lipstick inspiration divas and celebritiesWell it's friday... Party time! :) Let's enjoy summertime - strike while the iron is still hot!

Here is a quick advice about what to wear:
- Heels - the higher the better
- choose leather (skirt, jacket, accessory, belt)
- a great catchy dress
- make-up, make-up ... Choose the right eyeliner and the floor is yours. And of course, a red lipstick!

here is how the celebs party. 
KATRINA BOWDEN, NINA AGDAL AND COCO ROCHA (!!! she cut her hair - what do you think about the change? sexy ...or the mistake?)