Thursday, 11 April 2013

FW (real post this time :)

FW in Ljubljana has come and gone in a flash. It was a 3 day event which was the center of all attraction. I took part and I almost break my neck for examining each of the model from head-to-toe.
Despite the fact that the first day was more of a carnival than the AW trend setter, I liked the majority.
Most of the designers of the 1st show were desperately trying to attract the audience. Models wore geisha makeup's, we've also seen some falls on the runway and costumes that really throw us off chairs.

But the following day were really special, stylish and professional. I spotted AW materials such as - fur, lace (long dresses with beautiful front and back lace patterns). Leather? ...missed that. I guess They skipped the autumn's upmost fashionable hue. There were also some interesting brown wool creations. The models who wore that brand looked like teddy bears, soft and pretty but clothes did not very seem practical.  There were some plastic designs which bugged in the eye. Transparent raincoats seemed interesting idea.
Speaking of coats. I loved short white fur coat by Eber. And one of my favorites designs is definitely blackandwhite coat of Nelizabeta.
 The thing I did not like was a lack of colors. There was black, a lot of it. But where was navy and oxflood? - the aw style hues.

Considering all the facts, the show was a success. We could see some new emerging trends, designers who showcased their work
Alice Bossman's work!
Niti Niti:
hahhaa of course teddybear stuff by NITI NITI

Maja Štamol: Black Gold
forever black
Draž: Za vsako izgubo nov začetek
Beautiful lline by Draž
Nelizabeta: Strumen pozdrav zimi
and... one of my favourite pieces of Nelizabeta.

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