Saturday, 31 August 2013

because we see the world in bold bright

Colors can speak.

I used to have that dark era when I could not skip the house if I was not wearing something black. Well now I'm just the opposite. Hahhha...glad it is over though.
The shades on the lips express our inner feelings.
Red color is the synonym for passion. It means "I'm sexy and I know it".
Pink lips express love, gentleness. Women with pink lips are often very romantic and feminine.
Purple is the sign of empowerment. It has something magical in it. It looks good on dark toned people.
Nude shades mean steadiness or boredome.
And finally my favourite orange-coral. It is made for youthful, energetic women. It communicate excitement.
If you don't have your favourite lipstick, it is about time to discover it.

Be bold.bright.and orange;)

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